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From Corona-viruses

Anti – Corona disinfection sprayer Suitable for indoor use schools, restaurant, Barber shops, banks,


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Best sterilization bacteria killing device  is harmless to the human body, safe and convenient, protect your evironment from corona virus



Spray for 2 minutes, To kill bacterial viruses lingering in your environment
Places to use, Barber Shops, Restaurants, Offices, Homes, Shopping Malls, Taxis, Buses, Banks, Dental offices,
Recomened use 2-3 times per day depending on the amuont of people visiting your business place.
Please read the following carefully before purchasing:
our voltage is 220V, frequency is 50HZ, power is 1200W, 1. This product has a heating device, which produces hot fog For safety mix alcohol or ethanal 1 gallon to 1 gallon water
. 2. The capacity of the bottle is 300 ml, 3. If you need European standard plug, we can add conversion plug. 4. Due to power, this cannot be made into the form of battery, and can only be plugged
5. It ‘s weight 1.1kg. 6.
MOQ: 1 PCS, size: 39*49*28cm,

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